Parasoft Continuous Testing Plattform

Visits sin­ce Sept. 9th, 2018:
GFFT-Mit­glied seit 2015

Para­soft Inc., USA.

Product Description



Parasoft’s Con­ti­nuous Tes­ting Plat­form allows users to crea­te test cases, vir­tu­al ser­vices, and test data right from their brow­ser. The­se test arti­facts can then be com­bi­ned into power­ful envi­ron­ment tem­pla­tes, which can be deploy­ed on-demand using the Con­ti­nuous Tes­ting Platform’s envi­ron­ment mana­ger. The­se activi­ties all hap­pen in con­cert with your exis­ting CI infra­st­ruc­tu­re, allo­wing you to seam­less­ly inte­gra­te con­ti­nuous tes­ting into your build pro­cess and remo­ve the tes­ting bott­len­ecks from your Dev­Ops assem­bly line.


Parasoft’s Con­ti­nuous Tes­ting Plat­form has appr. 50 lar­ge custo­mers world­wi­de.

Existing interfaces to the following Software Packages:
About Parasoft Inc.
  • Head­quar­ter: Mon­ro­via, CA, USA
  • Annu­al Reve­nue: ca. 32 M
  • Employees: ca. 250
  • Foun­ded: 1987


Contact in Germany:

Ste­fan Harms,
Direc­tor of Sales, DACH Regi­on
Para­soft Deutsch­land GMBH

History of the Product


2018 — Mechanismus für Kollaboration und Korrelation

Mit der Para­soft Con­ti­nuous Tes­ting Plat­form kön­nen Teams ihre Micro­ser­vice-Umge­bung visua­li­sie­ren. Sie ermög­licht Anwen­dern, Test-Arte­fak­te den ein­zel­nen Kom­po­nen­ten zuzu­ord­nen, die Ent­wick­lungs- und Test­teams gemein­sam nut­zen kön­nen. So schafft die Con­ti­nuous Tes­ting Plat­form einen zen­tra­len Anlauf­punkt zum Abglei­chen von Test­kon­fi­gu­ra­tio­nen.

2016 — First Release
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